Biography of G.D.Naidu-Indian Scientist and Inventor

Thursday, February 7, 2013

G. D. Naidu was a self-made- Indian- Inventor and Engineer belonging to Coimbatore.


In spite of the fact that G.D.Naidu had attended only primary school and he was not  having any technical or other qualification, he  had innovative ideas in scientific applications.

G.D. Naidu had  invented many  electrical and other equipments and he was  called “Edison of India”.

G.D.Naidu contributed his innovative inventions and usages in the following fields:
  • industrial 
  • electrical,
  • mechanical,
  • agricultural (Hybrid cultivation) and
  • automobile engineering
The following are some of G.D.Naidu's inventions:
  • Rasant' razor  with a small motor operated by dry cells,
  • Calculator,
  • Super-thin shaving blades,
  • Distance adjuster for film cameras,
  • Fruit juice extractor,
  • Tamper-proof vote-recording machine and
  • Kerosene-run fan
  • New varieties in Cotton, Maize and Papaya.
In his village near Coimbatore, a British man had been driving a motor cycle and  making repairs to the vehilcle  G.D.Naidu was keenly observing.

When other people of his village only watched  in surprise the motor cycle and the driving of the vehicle by the foreigner, G.D.Naidu wished to drive the motor cycle himself and  wanted to learn the mechanism of the vehicle.

So G.D.Naidu  planed to buy the motor cycle from the foreigner and  he went to a hotel in Coimbatore as a server and earned some money and  saved about Rs 500/-.

G.D.Naidu met the  British man with the motor cycle and gave Rs 400/- from his savings  and offered to buy the motor cycle from him..

Surprised by  the enthusiasm and intension  of G.D.Naidu to buy the vehicle,  the British man sold the motor cycle to G.D.Naidu.

As G.D.Naidu had been watching the British man doing some repairs to the motor cycle he dismantled and re-assembled the motor cycle and he learned the mechanisms of  the motor cycle and became a motor cycle mechanic without going to any training school.

In the year 1920, when public/private buses and other vehicles  were not available  people of his village and the nearby towns used to travel  by bullock-carts or on foot.

G.D.Naidu purchased one mini-coach and  started a transport company -Universal Motor Services"/U.M.S. and his mini-coaches were used by  people for travelling between Palani and Pollachi,

G.D.Naidu is known for his innovative ideas and application of science in day to day life.
G.D.Naidu set up a rotating iron -grill-gate at the entrance of his house in such a way that whenever somebody opens the gate by turning  round the grill bars of the rotating gate, a bucket of water would be drawn from the well in the backyard of the house and stored in a cement tank, based on the "principle of conservation  of energy".

In the year 1937, G.D. Naidu  along with D.Balasundaram developed India's first indigenous motor.

Subsequently, G.D.Naidu’s partner Balasundaram founded the company- “Textool” and later on "Lakshmi Machine Works”/ (LMW).

As a photographer G.D.Naidu had captured  the images of the following popular Indians:
  • Mahatma Gandhi,
  • Pandit Jawarharlal Nehru and
  • Subash Chandra Bose and 
  • Sir.C.V.Raman etc.
Biography of G.D.Naidu:

Name:Gopalaswamy Doraiswamy Naidu

Date of Birth: 23rd March 1893

Date of Death: 4th January 1974 ( at the age of 80 years)

Father: Gopalaswamy Naidu

Education: Primary School

  • Photographer,
  • Businessman and
  • Scientist/Inventor
Sir C.V.Raman

Quote on G.D.Naidu  by Sir C.V.Raman :

"G.D.Naidu was a  great educator, an entrepreneur in many fields of engineering and industry,
a warm-hearted man filled with love for his fellows and a desire to help them in their troubles and he is truly a man in a million - perhaps this is an understatement!"


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Dr. P. Subburethina Bharathi said...

The Greatest Indian Innovations are not known to the world. The knowledgeable Inventors will not expose them self to the society. The society has to reward them.

gangesh malarazhagan said...

thank u to have a great man like u sir

Anonymous said...

the legend
we are proud to have in our history

Dr.A.Jagadeesh said...

G D Naidu - Inventor par excellence. Birth Day Greetings !
Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP)

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