List of Chief Ministers of Tamilnadu Since 1920 Till Date

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

In the year 1653,  during the British rule in India, “Madras Presidency” was established as the Head Quarters of the British -Rule in India, comprising of the following regions :
  • The present day- Tamil Nadu,
  • The Malabar region of North Kerala,
  • The coastal and Rayalaseema regions of Andhra Pradesh,
  • The Bellary, Dakshina Kannada, and Udupi districts of Karnataka
The "Government of India Act" was enacted in the year 1919, and the first legislature in India was formed in the year 1920, after the first general elections in India.

After India became a Republic on 26th January 1950, the "Madras State" was created comprising of the following regions:
  • Present-day Tamil Nadu and
  • Parts of present-day Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala.
The "Madras State" of was split up and the following linguistic-States  were formed between the years 1953 and 1960:
  • Kerala (Malayalam)
  • Andhrapradesh (Telugu) and
  • Mysore -the present Karnataka  (Kannadam)
The following is the List of Chief Ministers of s  the Madras  Presidency/Madras State/State of Tamilnadu -  Since the year 1920 Till Date:

S.No/ Name of the Chief Minister/ Party/Period of Office/

1.Mr.A Subbarayalu Reddiar / Justice Party from /17-12-1920 to 11-07-1921 (6 months)

2.Mr. Panagal Raja/Justice Party/from11-07-1921 to 03-12-1926 (5 years 5 months)

3.Dr. P Subbarayan/Unaffliated/from 04-12-1926 to 27-10-1930 (2 years 10 months)

4.Mr. P Munuswamy Naidu/Justice Party/from 27-10-1930 to 04-11-1932 (2 years)

5.Mr. Ramakrishna Ranga Rao,Raja of Bobbili/Justice Party/from 05-11-1932 to 04-04-1936 (3 years 5 months)

6.Mr. P T Rajan/Justice Party/from 04-04-1936 to 24-08-1936 ( 4 months)
7.Mr. Ramakrishna Ranga Rao,Raja of Bobbili/Justice Party/from 24-08-1936 to 01-04-1937 ( 7 months)

8.Mr. Kurma Venkata Reddy Naidu/Interim  Provisional Ministry/from 01-04-1937 to 14-07-1937

9.Mr. C Rajagopalachari/Rajaji/Indian National Congress/from 14-07-1937 to 29-10-1939

From 29th October 1939 To 30th April 1946- the Madras S  tate was under the Governor’s Rule

10.Mr.Tanguturi Prakasam/Indian National  Congress/from 30-04-1946 to 23-03-1947

11.Mr. O P Ramaswamy Reddiyar/Indian National Congress/from 23-03-1947  to 06-04-1949

12.Mr. P S  Kumaraswamy Raja/Indian National Congress/from 06-04-1949  to 09-04-1952)
13.Mr. C  Rajagopalachari/Rajaji/Indian National Congress/from 10-04-1952  to 13-04-1954

14.Mr. K Kamaraj / Indian National Congress/from 13-04-1954  to 02-10-1963

15. Mr. M Bakthavatsalam//Indian National Congress/ from  02-10-1963  to 06-03-1967

16.Dr. C.N. Annadurai-/ DMK/ from /06-03-1967  to 03-02-1969 ( 1 year 11 months)

17.Dr. Kalaignar M Karunanidhi/-DMK /from 10-02-1969 to  04-01-1971(1 year and 11 months) /15-03-1971 to  31-01-1976 (5 years)
18.Dr. M G Ramachandran/MGR/AAIDMK/30-06-1977 to 17-02-1980 (for 2 years and 8 months)/09-06-1980 to  15-11-1984(4 years and 5 months) /10-02-1985 to 24-12-1987(2 years and 10 months)


19.Mrs. Janaki Ramachandran-/AAIDMK/from 07-01-1988 to  30-01-1988 (for 23 days only)

20.Dr. Kalaignar M Karunanidhi-/DMK/from 27-01-1989 to 30-01-1991 ( for 2 years)

21.Dr. Selvi J Jayalalithaa-/AAIDMK/from 24-06-1991 to 12-05-1996 (for 5 years)

22.Dr. Kalaignar M Karunanidhi-/DMK/from 13-05-1996 to  13-05-2001(for 5 years)

23.Dr. Selvi J Jayalalithaa-/AAIDMK/from 14-05-2001 to  21-09-2001 (4+months)

24.Mr. O. Panneerselvam/-AAIDMK/from 21-09-2001 to  01-03-2002 (5+ months)

25.Dr. Selvi J Jayalalithaa-/AAIDMK/from 02-03-2002 to 12-05-2006 (for 4 years and +2 months)

26. Dr. Kalaignar M. Karunanidhi-/DMK from 13-05-2006 to 15-05-2011(for 5 years)

27. Dr. Selvi J Jayalalithaa/AAIDMK / from 16-05-2011-  to 27-09-2014
Subsequent to conviction and sentence to 4 years imprisonment and a fine of Rs 100 Crores  in a 18years old  "Disproproportionate Assets" (to the tune of Rs 66 Crores) /DA case, Dr.Selvi.J.Jayalalithaa became disqualified from the post of "Chief Minister of Tamilnadu" and from the position of "Member of the Legislative Assembly.

28. Mr.O.Panneerselvam/AAIDMK/from 29th September 2014- to 22nd May 2015(7 months)
 Chosen by the convicted Chief Minister Dr Selvi J.Jayalalithaa to succeed her in the post, for the second time.

Subsequent to Selvi J Jayalalithaa's acquittal by the Karnataka High Court in the appeal against the Special Court's conviction, Mr.O.Panneerselvam resigned from the post of the  Chief Minister of Tamilnadu on 22nd May 2015.

29. Selvi.J.Jayalalithaa/AAIDMK/From 23rd May 2015-

The Karnataka High Court acquitted Selvi J.Jayalalithaa and 3 others in the 18 years old, Disproportionate Assets Case, in the appeal against the Special Judge Mr John .Michael D'Kunha.
Judge John Michael D Cunha
Justice C.R.Kumaraswamy

Though the State Government of Karnataka might appeal against the High Court's Acquittal, in view of some apparent 'Arithmetic Errors' found in the Verdict given by Justice C.R.Kumaraswamy, Selvi J.Jayalalithaa decided to take over as the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu for the 5th time, in view of the ensuing State Assembly Elections due in Tamilnadu in the year 2016.


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